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IN 2018, for one year only,  the GREAT GAME FAIRS of Ireland team have combined their ROI event ( Previously at BIRR CASTLE) and the NI events into one very special 40th ANNIVERSARY ALL IRELAND Game Fair to take place at Shanes Castle, Antrim on the 23rd & 24th June.   All facets of the event have been extended and enhanced including the competitions with specially 'ruby enhanced' trophies to be won outright.  The ROI Game Fair will return to a new larger venue in the Irish Midlands on the 24/25 August 2019

In order that the  2018 ALL IRELAND EVENT  at Shanes Castle, Antrim attract the largest possible audience from all over Ireland and the UK and recognising the cost of travelling the organisers are offering discounted admission  of just €5 to members of the sporting organisations in the ROI ( NARGC & CAI members show their card at the gate to get this rate/anglers have a special licence voucher)  and GB residents get FREE admission and discounted ferry rates through our Irish Countrysports Diaspora https://www.(!64.56:886/groups/179089859337654/     Accommodation s available in the area from £25 pn. 

All of our competitions and especially our working dog competitions have fabulous trophies and prizes.   The fair will host the largest working dog weekend in Ireland including huge international gundog events and the 30th Annual All Ireland Lurcher, Terrier and Whippet Racing & Showing Championships ( these are open to all with entry on the days - Racing Saturday 23rd June and Showing 24th June 2018).  There are also  Ferret Showing & Racing Championships on the Sunday. 

There are FIVE pre qualified INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIONS where competitors can qualify at shows throughout the UK and Ireland and SHOW ORGANISERS are invited to apply for these qualifiers:  EMAIL irishgamefair@btinternet.com for details.

SATURDAY 23 June 2018

The Master Mc Grath Challenge for Elite Lurchers : Winner £200, Special Trophy, Barbour Coat and winners Coat  Runner Up : £50, Special Trophy and Runner Up Coat. Two qualifiers at each show ( the over and under 23" dogs). See Trophy below - still to be mounted.

The Mick the Miller Challenge for Traditional lurchers Winner £200, Special Trophy, Barbour Coat and winners Coat  Runner Up : £50, Special Trophy and Runner Up Coat. (Two qualifiers at each qualifying show ) 


FIVE NATIONS  Championships starting at 5.00pm Sunday 24th June in the Main Arena under a THREE JUDGE SYSTEM ( different judges to the breed judges at the All Ireland Championships over the weekend)

RED MILLS Five Nations Terrier Championship : Champion wins £200, Special Trophy, a Barbour Coat & A Winners Coat Runner Up wins £50, A Watch and a Res Champion Coat.

FEEDWELL Five Nations Whippet  Championship : Champion wins £200, Special Trophy, a Barbour Coat & A Winners Coat Runner Up wins £50, A Watch and a Res Champion Coat

RED MILLS Five Nations Lurcher  Championship : Champion wins £200, Special Trophy, a Barbour Coat & A Winners Coat Runner Up wins £50, A Watch and a Res Champion Coat.

For this year the top two dogs at each qualifying show qualify plus the Champion and Reserve ALL IRELAND CHAMPIONS from the ALL Ireland Show at Shanes Castle. 

And a special Directors Challenge:  top two  Whippets  v top two under Under 21" lurchers. Whippets get Five Metres. Challenge winner £50 and Special Trophy Best other Breed £25 and Special Trophy

To get a flavour of this very special event see  our video 'Forty Years of Irish Game Fairs'  https://player.vimeo.com/video/258116515

Come to Shanes Castle to help demonstrate the support for country sports in Ireland and be part of Irish fieldsports history!

master mcgrath.jpg

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    • By AlbertJ
      QUALIFIERS are available to GB SHOW ORGANISERS for the following CHAMPIONSHIP FINALS
                                                     at the IRISH GAME FAIR, Shanes Castle, Antrim on the 29/30 June.
      4. MASTER MC GRATH LURCHER CHALLENGE  Two dogs to qualify from each show ( over and under 23")
      5. MICK THE MILLER CHALLENGE for Traditional HAIRY LURCHERS any size. Two to qualify from each show. 
      EACH CHAMPIONSHIP HAS £200 to the Winner £50 to the Runner Up plus other prizes and quality trophies.   As the 31st ANNUAL All Ireland Championships ( Showing & Racing) also take place this weekend ( which are open all ) qualifiers can have a real opportunity to compete for titles and prizes with the best of Irish dogs. 
      To recognise the additional costs of coming to the event for GB qualifiers, they get FREE tickets to the show and special ferry and accommodation rates and each GB qualifying event organiser gets £50 for their best in show winner. 
      To apply for your show to host qualifiers email me at irishcountrylifestyle@btinternet.com. Qualifiers will be awarded on a 'first come first served' basis. 
      To get a flavour of the fair see: https://player.vimeo.com/video/312929724
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      Show time again folks! 
      Fell and moorland wtc are holding in there summer show again in good old Lancashire. 
      Get yourself and the family down to support this club. All the cash made gose back to the members if they have a dog stuck and need a rescue. 
      All the usual classes for the terriers and the running dogs. Champion bull X  and child handler for the kids! 
      And Anyone wanting to show there Bedlingtons we have a class for them as well. 
      Qualifiers for champion of champions at the Midlands, Pride of the peaks and more! 
      Food and drinks available on site, trade stalls welcome
      Show to be held on 2nd of june at littleborough sports club,
      Rakewood Rd
      Hollingsworth lake
      OL15 0AP (zero AP)
      Judging starts at 1pm
      Call Adam on 07841658960 for more info. 
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      The Merseyside Working Terrier & Lurcher Club will be running the lurcher & working terrier show at Peover Hall Sunday 5th August.
      Classes for working terriers, lurchers, whippets and bushing dogs (crossbreds)
      Judging starts 1pm
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      Fun stalking event . It will be about shot placement, knowing your rifle ballistics and bullet drop and using guidelines of law and permissions when out stalking.
      Great for the novice and challenging for the more experienced.
      Using sticks fence posts car Bonnet , bipod and free standing. You will be asked to range find and hit kill zone that will be a bit smaller than the general kill zone of a deer .
      It will also have a few thing to throw you and make you think of laws and
      Permissions .
      Will finish with paper at 300  just for fun and not to encourage 300 yard shots on deer
      Deer target
      Gongs , eggs
      And more ...
      Your need a Range finder . Open license. And a zeroed stalking moderated rifle 
      60 rounds of hunting amo
      License and insurance 
      Fly high Shooting ground Dartmouth 
      24th June 
      Fees £35.00
      Burgers tea/coffee available 
      Book with Sue 07855 404506 to confirm and for payment details 
      Many thanks 
    • By spade
      From 12.00 noon this Sunday 03rd June, to include full terrier and lurcher shows. Come to see this fantastic pack of hounds in their kennels (and out) in the beautiful grounds of Belvoir Castle.
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