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how good it is to be out and about with friends

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well after all the pigeon shooting we  have been doing  lately  .we decided to have a go on the rabbits again    bunnytickler   joined us today his knowledge of wild life is unbelievable he as learnt me a lot over the years stuff you dont  even consider or take into account while out shooting .we met ian  (stoggy) around 9.15 and  started on some bales with the young jill  she worked the stack well and bolted a rabbit which ian  accounted for (no ferrets shot here )we then moved on to a adjoining stubble field were stoggy accounted for another one  . the day is looking good we then drove about 800 yards and started netting  the edge -  net one miss one anything that came out of the UN netted holes back netted or was shot this worked well as the  edge is just all interlinked ians  hobbs worked well again bolting rabbits to the guns and netts .stoggy and bunny tickler shot well  no escapes here or ferrets shot  . the final count was 21 rabbits   0 ferrets and a very good day with friends











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Another great day out and once the rain stopped and the fog lifted it was quiet warm.Will have to give van a wash tomorrow as a bit muddy from driving the field.Will get the rabbits in freezer tomorrow.

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very enjoyable  day out  with good m8s ian on fire again with his shooting ,,a fantastic shot  ,stuarts knowledge of rabbitting / ferreting is second to none  great days sport & very happy farmer all land cleared 


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the highlite of the day was watching peter and ian haveing a dig only 1 foot deep  but they took it in turns with the shovel well done lads

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