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Yokel Matt

Copper bullet terminal performance

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Started reloading recently and bought a few boxes of Barnes 120gr TTSX for my 6.5x55. I originally went in the shop after some Hornady SST but they didn’t have any and after a chat with the gunsmith about how I was looking for accuracy for more head / neck shots and also reduce shoulder damage with chest shots thought I’d give them a try. It was only after buying them I found a few articles questioning their terminal performance and likening them to amax or fmj!

Thanks to a trip down to Dicehorn I knew my load was moving at 2840fps on average and a helpful chap at Barnes had offered me some reassurance on expansion velocity (I suppose he would though wouldn’t he!) so we were ok here.

Early days on the testing them for real but looking promising after a visit to Dorset at the weekend. Atlas joint shot a sika pricket at around 140/150m and the then chest shot a young switch stag at 160 who only made 20m. Tiny exit hole but plenty of damage inside - I’ve seen them go a lot further with Ballistic tipped lead ammo and soft points. Early days but looking promising.



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    • By Outback 1
      I'm sure it's been done to death , Is there any sense in reloading 12 bore cartridges with steel or lead for pigeon shooting , I cant see how the ordinary person could afford two three days a week if your buying them .
    • By philpot
      I used to have a Pacific reloader for all my 12 gauge shells many years ago but gave it up when I got involved to competition clay shooting as they were not allowed and to be honest I thought it was a thing of the past for shotgun cartridges.
      Well after a trip to the Northern Shooting Show on Saturday, I found a stand there by a company called 'Clay & Game' who are a specialist company importing MEC reloaders and supplying all the items needed for reloading. I confess to being both surprised and very interested at the thought of going back into this aspect of cartridge supply now that I no longer shoot competitively and shoot live quarry now along with the fact that my wife also shoots clays. Being retired (but still only 30 in my head ) I have to be a bit careful with the cash flow and this might just be a help as well as giving me a little more of the hobby in my spare time. I know the machines are not cheap but that is a one off cost and although I could buy something like a Lee Loadall.........................I won't, it is either a quality machine capable of decent turnover or I won't bother. I like to have and use decent gear so buying a Loadall will drive my crazy and then go out and buy a better unit so I might as well bite the bullet (sorry for the pun) and start off as I mean to go on.
      I have been looking at the info given and as they are not far away from me, I am thinking of going over for a demo as well as buying a few from them to try.
      Question:- Do any off you reload 12 gauge shells and if so could you advise me where you buy powder and lead from so that I can compare prices as I have been out of this game for over 30 years. I would also be most interested to know what they cost you to make roughly.
      Any information would be gratefully received.
    • By let'sshoot
      Hi all
      Do you measure your powder by weight or volume?
      The Lee manual says volume, others say weight.
      For my needs I would need the Lee dipper 1.6 and 1.9 - depending on my chosen bullet weight. If anybody has these lying around I would be more than willing to buy them off you.
      I also need a scales if anybody has one? Let me know what you have.
      Back to my question of weight vs volume - what have you found is the best way to measure the powder.
      I will be reloading the 223
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      I am looking to get improved accurracy on my 22-250. I wondered if anyone knows if people do home loading for others at all? I am not sure I have the time myself and would rather avoid the set-up costs.
      How many rounds would it take to break even on the equipment bought to do it if I did do it myself? I probably use 200-300 a year.
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      I would like to thank Christel from the Shooting Shed for the bullet comparator i received today.The quality of the item is fantastic & the communication,service was likewise.Buy with confidence from the Shooting Shed.