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  1. Cool , have a read of this What .308 powder alternative? and this http://www.vihtavuori.com/en/reloading-data/rifle-reloading/-308-winchester.html speak to your mate ask if he single loads or mag and measure a round oal the 180 is a long bullet looking at your QL its 31.14 mm to start with . In one of my old books H414 max load is 47.1 @ 2500 with 22" 1 in 12 . Cheers
  2. We would want the postage in the £200 .......Good effort with the doe , was it traffic damage ?
  3. There are lots of powders that cover different calibre's , the powders have different burn rates so one for your 243 with a certain bullet weight would work with the 308 with a certain weight , N140 works well with the 22.250 with 55 gr and 150 plus weight with 308 so easier to find one powder . Also as mentioned we will lose a lot good powders this year so a lot of folk will be load developing me included luckly when there have been shortages I have developed other loads . The 180 gr is a good bullet with a 10 twist barrel there for in a slower twist would be slower and slower again in
  4. Yes I've read what a indiscriminate kill it is on Fishnhunt .co.nz , your doing well with the rifle . Cheers
  5. Are you intent on using the same powder for both rifles ? I have used N140 in 22.250 and 308 so find a powder that runs in both calibre for piece of mind when looking for supplies . Depending on barrel length and twist the 180 would be a big lump to fire . It's fine in a bigger calibre and a faster twist barrel . (twice the amount of powder ) you would struggle for velocity in a standard twist and a shorter barrel . I wouldn't be bothered with Quickload as it's a indication , for the most 308 loads it would be 46gr + or - with a 150gr bullet for the barrel twist and length , th
  6. Welcome , Share the same interests as you , currently probationer at Diggle seems to be the nearest long range if you fance a visit . Based down near Pickering .
  7. Could they 1080 them or would that be out of the question .
  8. If your pumping the air in you must have arm's like Popeye .
  9. You need to be sure you understand what your getting . the price for the outing , then if there is a price to shot a beast , then if you buy a price per kilo . If you badly shoot and damage the carcase you could be charged as well because unable to sell on , I have had leases were you are there to control the deer and all carcases go in the larder , and you purchase at dealer price . In your case if your controlling for your farmer , agree how many to be take then get a dealer price for the carcase . when your paying per outing get it very clear what your doing or you might get a sur
  10. Up dating this , my guy has talks regarding getting samples over from the states , there will be two lots of .22 and three lots of .25 and one in .30 . Will update as I know more .
  11. I think if you put it against a tree and ratchet strapped it ok . but in real terms you would be very lucky to find flat enough ground to be safe free standing .
  12. What this guy is doing is hand making this and he is saying he is using a certain type of lead ( its all explained in his text) which can form to the rifling contour and give a bearing surface like a bullet . I hope my guy gets his act together and goes for it , or I will buy a pack for my self and give them a run . toolebox / do read any Nathan Foster articles ... ATB
  13. I have past this link on to a guy that is set up for importing and could set this up , and waiting for his comments . I need a 5.52 head size so if the imperial sizing would allow this also may be his lead type and tolerances would make it a runner . His comments are he has tried these through a list of rifles .
  14. Guy now lives in Caithness on a croft , I was in his syndicate up in Caithness and was offered it when he was finishing with it . Wonderful character and with his girlfriend a fine pair . Great article going on with the dogs .
  15. Great post going on here , Have a read of Guy Wallace's books , when I was out in Caithness he had training dogs on a lead to his waists and never seemed to be an issue with pulling etc , also dogs under high seats would be steady and only move to wind direction . I don't have a dog but love the thick as thieves relationship you have when working together . ATB
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