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Testing some .223 Loads , 52gr Amax and Varget

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I've been having a play with some .223 loads using Varget, need to work the load up a little more, its a compressed load, 26gr looks like its getting there..


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Hello Ian

Yup shows promise. However you mentioned that it is a compressed load at 26gr of Varget - well according to QL assuming the following: The rifle is a European make (Tikka Sako etc) as opposed to USA make (Ruger, Winchester) the barrel is 22" and you are seating at standard COL of 2.260" at the lowest charge of 25.4 the fill ratio is 110% so even that is compressed - at 26 gr the granules are being crushed - broken granules will burn differently - the result

26gr Varget = Fill ratio 112.5% Burn rate only 90.6% Pressure 53197 psi (max if European rifle 62366 psi) 3200 fps

As you can see even using a powder dropper very slowly, you may cheat the fill ratio by say 2% - most people (in the know) will only go as far as 106%. As you know the European 'REACH' regulations will no longer permit Varget being imported into the EU with effect from this coming June so unless you have several tubs at your disposal, now may be the time to consider a REACH compliant powder such at Vihtavuori or Alliant Reloader to name just two manufacturers. 

Just as a guide with one EU compliant powder:-

23.8gr of Alliant Reloader 10x (made in Sweden)  = fill ratio 105.6% Burn rate 100% Pressure 61740   3396 Fps


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All my compressed loads worked brilliantly, and in most cartridges.



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Dicehorn answered that  brilliantly , personally i would be going down not up .if you take the time to run it through an app unless your a top competition shooter there is no point pushing for that extra 1-200 fps.its just an extra click of a turret and makes small difference on wind call.

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