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Missed fox.

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Last week my buddy and I had some fun with the shotties to no avail (both learners), then we went on to the rabbits when it got dark. He was trying out his new thermal (ATN Mars) which proved to be very effective. Both using 17 Hornets. He wanted to try calling a fox. His manual caller sounded good but was weak. He laughed when I dug in the bottom of the bag for a tenterfield but it brought in two foxes. One we didn't have a shot at but the second circled us trying to catch our scent. He presented a clear shot at around 80yds and my buddy said "Do you want to take him?". I told him to take him knowing how excited he gets when shooting fox. I had the fox as clear as day in my scope when I heard the dreaded click. I waited for him to stick one in the breech but by then he was gone. Oh well, we'll get him next time.

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We have all done it. I find getting a homeload round stuck is marginally less amusing.

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My buddy and I went back to the pumpkin field last night. We haven't got around to sorting a speaker for our fox caller so it's fairly weak but the lowly tenterfield came good again. To be honest the first one took us by surprise. Should've had him but I had a feeling there was nothing left in the mag. Turned out to be the case so just as well plus I had alerted my pal and didn't know if he was lined up on him. Of course all this took but seconds and charlie was off.

The second one came up with the wind to the side of us. He was careful to stay behind the sparse hedge in the cobnut field next door. All we got was fleeting glimpses until he was alongside of us where he caught our scent, he gave a dismissive look our way and went away.

We concentrated on the bunnies for a while before moving lower down the farm to where the Pheasant pens are. Things were pretty dead down there and we were on the verge of moving. I said "last scan" and blow me a fox came in from the left at about 130yds. He went down to the 17 hornet. One down.

We then went back to the  pumpkin field and worked out a plan. What wind there was had changed slightly so we gutted and chopped heads and legs of the nine rabbits and left them where the foxes had scented us earlier. Then we left the caller in the same place and stationed ourselves about 100yds further downwind so no chance of him scenting us. I then went mad with the tenterfield for a few minutes and then left him with his 17 hornet with a thermal scope whilst I went further across just in case he came in from the other side of the field. Not ten minutes had gone by when I got a message on the walkie talkie, "fox down". On checking the fox it was a good strong healthy fox and  I'm pretty sure it was the same one that showed first earlier in the night.

We called it a night after that. No doubt the farmer will be pleased,  especially after a fox recently got into one of the pens and killed fifty birds.

Don't you just love it when a plan comes together! :D

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