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Mark r

Who runs pure beagle

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So who Reina pure beagle or prue hounds, let see them? And how do you find them to the beagle mix spaniels or beagle x terriers. Here a new bitch Iv had a couple of week. I though she’s would get her nose down and bugger off but she’s been quite steady really until she gets on something lol.



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I'll be interested to see the comments here, I've walked a couple of hounds for the hunt, first was a nightmare nose down off, but the second was showing real promise as a bushing dog for the Lurchers getting right into cover, never strayed too far, even took him out ferreting and he was brilliant and good for marking, could have been a real asset but obviously had to go back to the pack where he is doing well so I'll have to wait till he retires to have him back.

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How do they work shovel shy do they work the cover top to bottom trying to find scent or do they wait till the wind something. How far do they go mate?  Mine seems to open up in hot scent we’re as my beagle spaniel dog will sound early 

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