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Gun Mounted Lamp Advice

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Not done lamping with a air rifle for years I had a old deben tracer back then.

Wanted something that's going to last 3/4 and not break the bank.


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T20,,,T38 will be all you need


even a T6 and at £6 or less is a cracking little lamp iv had one for years and out of all the lamps iv had (and iv had some)


its the only one iv kept


t20 and t38 is a lot more but would not break the bank


the one with the silver band is the t6


atvbjimmy :thumbs: :thumbs: :thumbs:



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I can say the same thing UF-T20, red, it works well for lamping, the rats fall easy and the rabbits don´t scare. Just beware the mounts that come with it don´t clear a 50mm objective, you can wad it out and bodge it, or just buy a nice SportsMatch mount that connects direct onto scope mounts... well thats what i did :p


Leaves more flexibility for scope positioning, it´s slightly taller and stronger in my opinion then being mounted straight onto the scope.





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