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I am looking at buying an Airforceone Pump for my HW100


Can I have some feedback please.


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For that price, you could have a 3lt air cylinder and take only 15secs to fill the gun.


Just a thought.



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I bought one of these last week off fleabay, Put an offer in and got it for a tad under £38 :thumbs:

Only tried it on my PP700 PCP Pistol and it pumped it up very quickly but it only has a small cylinder!!

I actually bought it to pump up my Fenman as it was doing 18ft lbs :icon_eek: , I let some air out with a taps on the schrade valve, Tested it again, It was doing just 8ft lbs!! :wallbash:

I think it will sort the Fenman out, I prefer my rifles closer to 11 than 12ft lbs :rocker: , BTW, These pumps are actually in the UK and only take a few days to arrive, They also come with two or three sets of spare seals and a pack of filters to stop moisture/debris going in to the guns :yahoo:

John :)

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