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mark williams

Shot / Zero Specific.

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Going to go back to some really classical shooting over the weekend lads ( I hope).


The FWB 127 ( .22 cal) is running at 11.6 ft/lbs very consistently and is wearing an old 1978 Tasco 4x32 w/a 30/30 ret`.( crystal clear glass) - beautiful old scopes these.

Anyways, to put you in the picture, the old classic scopes had no mill dots when I was a lad and I`m back to hunting 1970`s style with this combination. So depending on where I`m static hunting, I will zero her for that specific range only, which will always be around 30 - 35 yds only. ( field craft).

Here she is in all her glory and zero card.




The 124, ( .177), is wearing a Mamba Lite, 4 - 16 x 44, scb ret, full mill dot and calibrated very precisely indeed.




Going to be an eye opener and very demanding, shooting .22 classic rifle and scope again,- looking forward to hunting with this combination.



atb Mark



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Sick of seeing those damn Feinwerkbaus :D


Nice one Marko. Keep us updated.


Just out of interest and I cant believe I dont know this... What pellets are you using with the two?

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Hi Rez,


FAP`s with the 127 .22 but have got to try RWS Super Domes according to Nick Simmons who tuned them.


JSB Exact Express in the 124 .177, just lethal.


atb Mark

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