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Was wondering if you all don't have the lawd you do if anyone would have a idea of any breed of dogs outside of the sight hounds that would be able to catch a fox coming into a call set up I ask because I got the idea from a guy that used sight hounds saying they get away clean or not at all but the Land around here is not the best for sight hounds

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When I was growing up an old boy on a local farm had a large collie to work with cattle, he wasn't much good on rabbits but anything with teeth was never a problem. There must still be some old-fashioned collies around but finding them is a different matter!

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If he was a border collie he was much larger than what you see now, about 24 ins tall & quite heavy build. Most farm collie's in north Devon were similar but back then most farms were mixed stock, cattle,sheep,pigs & poultry. These dogs would be expected to work what ever livestock you had. I suppose there wasn't the choice you get now as when you wanted a pup you would buy locally!

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Funny you say that because I meat a guy a few days ago that told me about hunting coyote and fox with his dogs and one that I thought was interesting was the cur dog who job was once a coyote or was jumpined the cur would get ahead of it and turn it back towards the other dogs which were a pair of gundogs he called Weimaraners saying they were his tracking dogs and were breed to work game and brids both and his kill dog which was a German Shepherd that had a hateterd for coyote and fox said the cur was able to turn one like that being a stock dog just don't say if they were born knowing how to do that or did they have to be learned to do it but would be a interesting dog

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