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Roe Does

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I wasn't happy with my roedale silencer on my .308 so had a wildcat predator set up in .243 and changed out the diffuser to .308 ...set up on the target at 100 then 150 yards what a difference they anyone thinking of buying a roedale don't .

Got some roe hammering some knew trees on a crakin bit of ground I've just picked up 2 mins from my house .

Got up yesterday morning and had to scrape frost of the truck windscreen got there just for daylight...wind was out the north which is spot on for an easy stalk ..into 3 beasts ..got into under 100yards and got down on the bipod and dropped them all with 150 gr sakos...some amount of roe on this bit so should have a bit of sport on here .


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Weather too bad for lamping last night so never left them to hang ...a night of making venison steaks and roasts


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No five minute affair that either Milk ,time consuming from experience .Must get out on the does myself soon .

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I cut the saddles into 3 pieces remove the topskin then cut horizontaly then springle with biltong spice and wrap in cling film put in the fridge for minimum of a week to allow the spice to go right through the meat then pan fry ...

the haunches are deboned and the meat cut into slices .....roll out tin foil and cover with streaky bacon put down layer of venison then haggis or black pudding with onions biltong spice and lea and perrins another layer of venison on top and finally coverd with streaky bacon and roll up in tin foil ....cook at 100 for an hour then 180 for 30 mins then slice open the top of the tin foil and put under a hot grill to crisp up bacon ...

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Should have said. Managed to find them antlers for Tony and with a nice stag hanging we are ok. Jok.

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