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Charge On 6V Or 12V?

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Just a quick one guys, been out of the lamping scene for years but got some new permission and gotta get a lamp on it. Just been in the attic and dug my old lamp out. Its a lightforce floodlight with one of the big heavy battery packs. The battery pack is two 6volt batteries, wired together. The charger has a setting for 12volt or 6volt. Im just unsure what i used to have it set on for charging. I would assume being two 6 volt batteries making 12volt total id need the charger set to 12volt?

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Only if the batts are wired in series


Batt 1 +

Batt 2 -

Batt 1 - to Batt 2 +


This would then be 12v


As above if in parrelel then it's 6v

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