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Shot Placement

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(2)Subject to subsection (3) below, a person to whom this section applies shall not be guilty of an offence under section 4(2)(a) above by reason of the use, for the purpose of taking or killing any deer on any land, of any smooth-bore gun of not less gauge than 12 bore which is loaded with


(a)a cartridge containing a single non-spherical projectile weighing not less than 22.68 grammes (350 grains); or


(b)a cartridge purporting to contain shot each of which is .203 inches (5.16 millimetres) in diameter (that is to say, size AAA).


(3)A person to whom this section applies shall not be entitled to rely on the defence provided by subsection (1) or subsection (2) above as respects anything done in relation to any deer on any land unless he shows that


(a)he had reasonable grounds for believing that deer of the same species were causing, or had caused, damage to crops, vegetables, fruit, growing timber or any other form of property on the land;


(b)it was likely that further damage would be so caused and any such damage was likely to be serious; and


©his action was necessary for the purpose of preventing any such damage.



So, my question is, if you had to do this, would it be a chest shot?

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I've had to shoot quite a few deer (fallow) with a shotgun, most were close range ( 5m or so) , all immobile road traffic accidents that I headshot using 32 gr 5's ...a couple were standing ( still injured) that I had to body shoot , still very close that I used 3inch mag sg's on ...shot at a slight angle into the rib cage from behind they dropped instantly ...

Would I fancy shooting fit and well fallow with one at any sort of range ? ...definitely not ..

Not shot any other species with a shotgun so can't really comment on them ..

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I use shotgun for big game shot size 1 or 2. Solid slugs for wildboar and reds.

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