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Wirehaired Vizsla

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just met a bloke with 2 on my dog walk, what nice dogs there were as well . Real nice temps , friendly to other dogs and people, great with kids and not bad watch dogs. they were only pets , but you could see they work, they go in cover and loved water , they were about 23 in just bit smaller than Bryn, he 25 in , they well put together dog strong with good coats. i reckon they be good for beating or wild fowling :yes: . never seen one before, bloke there not over popular, which is good thing , like labs + springers are , yep not a bad gun dog breed at all :thumbs::yes:

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my brother had one. exactly the same as you descibed them. very steady laid back dog. she was worked to the gun and used for stalking. she exelled at both. a great little gundog. :victory:

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