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Ok, they are a bit new to me, but following another thread I've just got some and I'm pretty impressed (so far). I am talking about the selection on the Interweb, the majority seemingly Chinese and costing no money at all really.


Does anyone use anything more powerful than 5000LM mounted on their rifle?


If so, which, what do you think of it and where did you get it?


Open to all makes/types, not just cheap Chinese!



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For the money you will be hard pressed to beat one of these Dekers, plus you can change the lens head size easily upto 75mm and swap the pils out very easy, using various XPE2 color pils if needed. https://www.ludicrous-lumens.co.uk/collections/t-series-t20-t38-t50-t67-torches-ir/products/tr50-illuminator-gun-light-system-50mm

I will second this, ive been through the whole range my first was a green t20 you could get 150 yards with that and they only get better, the lightforce 170 hasn't been out of the shed since I started using this type of torch.

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I've just purchased a TR50 IR from LL, for use on a hand held, and wonder what the capabilities are of these torches against say a lightforce conventional lamp, with the correct pill etc. Also I notice LL sell difference beam size pills, and idea which one is best for general lamping?



PS thank you Ian, purchased on your recommendation, looks a great bit of kit and very similar to my NM800. The NM looks a bit more compact with what looks like a better spherical lens.

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