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scottish lurcher

Seeland Wellies

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I have bought a pair of the neoprene ones, and find them to be a little high on legs and even when pulled tight allways hay end up inside them due to very wide opening at top of boot. And one recomend a better boot ??

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I had a pair of seeland estate at, a couple of seasons back and I wrecked them in 3 months. All the neoprene wellies ive had arent worth a toss, I got recommend Dunlop puroforts and to be honest theyre quality, once you get over the look of em I realised that id basically been paying for fashion accessories really. The Puroforts are designed to be worn all day in freezing milk parlours and other frozen environments so there built for way colder temps than im likely to experience while lamping digging etc. Next to indescribable and they come in a few styles ones with a tractor like tread and other less bulky type.

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Recently purchased the Puroforts to try, only had them a few weeks as yet.


Heard good reports on them on here, i would like them to be a bit higher in the leg myself.



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