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Hi all of to the cancun area for a few weeks soonish and really fancy doing some fishing. Looking into it fly fishing for bone fish seems like a good crack but I've heard it's hard to say the least and I've only been fly fishing twice. Is it worth me trying? How much is a guide going to cost me? Any other advice.

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Here you go. I fished three days in June this year, caught 13 bones and a tarpon on the fly. My advise would be get some fly casting practise in, as the bones spook very easily!


The cost: 4 hours $ 275 usd, 6 hours $ 350 usd, 8 hours 400 usd,
fishing trips
Include: soft drink,bottle water, light lunch.
in case if you don´t have fishing gear i can provide.
Nacho Euan:



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It was something I have always wanted to do, trout fisher at heart but watched catching bones and tarpon on the fly and always wanted to do that.


SWMBO wanted to see the Mayan ruins, so I managed to get 3 days fishing and have ticked that box, all I need now is a sail & bill fish and will be a happy man!


If you are not good with a fly rod Nacho will supply spinning gear but as said practise with the fly before you go, far more fun.



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If I was you pal I'd go for tarpon on spinning gear....mega fish and you won't get frustrated with fly-fishing if you've not done it before.

I'll give you a few fly casting lessons next time your home but with this weather it might be hard work.

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great tarpon mate howd you take it ? nice bone also well done

After two days fly fishing for tarpon and blanked I went out bait fishing and nailed that one just as the day was ending, my hand had cramped up by the time we landed it, a beer after never tasted soo good!



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