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Any Plumbers?

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After some mysterious goings on and the bathroom sink developed a crack, which no one admitted to or knew anything about..!!? We have replaced it and bought a mixer tap.

Which are as most plumbers know are now high pressure. Resulting in the hot water to be painfully slow. A mouse could piss faster.


I have a gravity fed system. No combi boiler and the cold supply is a good pressure.

I have checked the hoses to the hot tap feed for twists and kinks and also checked the tap itself to try and remove any gauze filters.


I need an automatic pump on the hot supply only. So a single feed pump.

The closest I have found is a twin feed shower pump but that's going to be a right ballache to reroute the water feeds to install and unnecessary considering the cold pressure.


The cistern is at the same level as the bath/sink with no option of moving it higher.

Any suggestions.



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Cheers Rocko. I've already been looking at these.

Funny how they manage to charge more for a single feed than a dual.

Thanks again :thumbs:

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Moxy, have you tried swopping the hoses over, some mixers [not all] have the cold coming out of less holes in the head than the hot, it wont increase pressure but it would increase flow if this is the case with yours.

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