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The Filth

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I hope they catch all the feckers flying round the fields in there motors,that's why the games fecked now coa they've spoilt,to lazy to fecking use what God gave them.

an invisible car a sure winner

I know set of lazy b*****ds



fieldcraft wins over them numpties everytime.............well so far anyway :D

Fieldcraft, what the feck IS THAT?!! :o8):D


turning the head lights off when you drive through gate lo

Ah, simple when you think about it really then! Lol

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Field craft isn't much use when your shining a million candle power lamp about

really,i beg to differ,knowing the land is key,yeah sitting out in 100 acre field you is fecked but that aint for me cheers


suppose we all due our collar felt some stage either way :D

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