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On Line Photography Courses

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well i'm half way through the course and enjoying it. ive had five one hour lessons on line and each one is followed by a question and answer session. and a test the following day. loads of food for thought. confirming the things i'm doing right and and pointing out the things i am doing wrong. camera basics. and basic photography skills and much more. my head is bursting but i am looking forward to the rest of the course. :thumbs:

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LOL i havnt had time to do anything with my camera as yet. what with work and studying and my dogs. there is feck all time left in the day. :blink: i will put some up as soon as i have took anything that is worth posting. :thumbs: dont hold your breath though. i think a thread for critique (spelling) would be good and help some of us develop :thumbs:

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the course was broke down into ten one hour lessons . with a small test of ten questions after each lesson. then there is a test at the end of the course. it starts with

1discussing what photography is


2demystifying camera functions


3motion and depth


4capturing light




6advanced composition


7more about light


8manual mode


9colours in light.


10discussing the digital image.


this is a foundation course to help folk get to grips with the basic principles and out taking pictures on full manual mode equipt with the basics to build on :thumbs: it has helped me. as i tended to stay on the semi auto modes. or jumped onto the programe or full auto for fear of missing a pic. i'm now on fully auto 90 percent of the time .


there is a follow up course .the ultimate photography programe. that can be took at a later date if you want to go a step further. .

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