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As above if its in them you have to worry about holding them back rather than the other way round. My jr started hunting as a pup on rabbits, rats then one day when he ready dropped in on a fox and was away. All ways had him on a lead when out digging as he was just as happy putting rabbits to ground for the ferret. Never went to ground on a rabbit though he new thats what ferrets were for

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Never to young to learn .Choose Earth's wisely with first season terrier's & make sure the terriers ''Rewarded'' for his work. Like any sport start of small & increase as you go a long.

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He's about 14 months now. And. He's bin going to earth by his. Self about a week. Ago he didn't Evan look at a earth or take notice. But I took him out the other day. And. He. Run up to the earth went straight in. Come out a different hole That day he checked 3 earths Now he's going in. Earths now like nothing . Should I stop him going in or let him keep doing it . .?

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14 months onwards he's ready to start only you can tell when he's ready. If he's entering and running earths sounds like he just needs to find his quarry. Personally I'd be trying small earths, shallow if possible, artificials. If you do have some luck and meet Charlie. Let the dog settle, get to him as soon as physically possible. Dispatch Charlie and he has his reward. But only you will know when he's ready. Good luck!

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I got given a mk3 Locator The other day off my brother. He only used it a. Few times .. It's mint . And I think the dogs ready. He's. Got lot better and faster in the earths Like u said i only I'll no if he's ready. And I recon he's game. Enuff.

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