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Marshall Telemetry

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Yep I have fm 100 on 173. With RT 173 tail mount. This is on Harris ! Great set up


It's might be worth seeing what people in your area use, so if the bird does go missing other can have a scan in the area to help out. I went for 173 as most of the people I know use this.


Lee c

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used a scout and an RT+ on my male for the last five seasons as he was backpacked aswell as tail mounted, but flying my female this season that has not been backpacked I tend to use either depending on where im flying, both are good enough for hawks

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I used marshall fm100 on 173 with rt and scout transmitter and now using the 434 system with rt leg mount both very good set ups I use them on my falcons or harris with a ledesma gps on backpack..

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Hi can anyone help I've just bought a Marshall on 216 but just read it's illegal to use them in the uk. Is this right? Shall i cancel order & get my money back? Any help would be appreciated

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Any one use Black Falcon Telemetry ?

If so do you rate it ?

Hi mate

I use the Black Falcon set up.

I've had it for over 12 years [maybe more] and think its fine.

I have used it for both hawks and falcon,

It has a lifetime guarantee and once I had a problem with a transmitter it was replaced free of charge.

Though to be honest I have now bought a separate transmitter from Falconry Electronics.

Another experienced longwinger I know used this system for years without issue, but he has now just bought the new Marshall GPS system.

I think the Marshall system is probably the better system.

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