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  1. Really class. You always produce great stuff but have excelled yourself this time Matt. Regards, ian
  2. Scout transmitter for me. Robust, good battery life and kicks out a great signal.
  3. I was the lucky one and got to say these r cracking. Even better in the hand than the pics give them credit for. Thanks very much, ian
  4. Please expand, Thanks, ian think the braided becomes a problem on hawks when there crashing in to brambles and thorns. Think a while ago I read a post ( not sure if on here or iff ) that when there Harris crashed in to brambles and thorns after a rabbit the braided nylon jesses got tangled on thorns which left the bird unable to move. Thanks for that something I would never thought of. Were there any other deciding factors?
  5. Looks a belter and am glad to hear she is doing wat u want. I have no knowledge of terrier work but if others with more experience give advice its always best to listen. You choose your own path after but its always best to listen first. Regards, ian
  6. Just got a 7/8 cocker 1/8 springer cross pup to work with my harris's. Good to hear your recommendation for cockers. Regards, ian
  7. Love reading the write ups, thanks for sharing. Great results as always. Regards, Ian
  8. Such great looking birds. What were you after with her?
  9. Hello there. I am in Telford. As said above its best not to let her go when she bates at a perch in the early days or she may get into the idea of bating at all the perches she fancies. This will lead to her been very unsettled on the fist. Some birds can be unsteady when going near gates as they have been unbalanced in the past when you struggle to open the gate. On the bob Dalton video about Harris' he has one that bates when he walks round corners. Try and see things from her point of view and work out what is causing her to bate and eliminate it. Try giving her a tireing when you a
  10. Hello Matt. If there are any left I will have one please. Can you pm me the paypal email add. cheers ian
  11. If you will post it I will have it. Regards, ian
  12. all gun dog breeds will work well and it can come down to personal choice. If there is a lot of gorse then you may find a spaniel fares better but saying that many HPR will bust cover. Alot of spaniels will also pause before flushing and if this is encouraged you would have the indication you want before flushing. regards ian
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