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2014/15 Season


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It's nearly time to start hunting again, my hawks about two weeks away from being brought out again. I'll try and keep an updated diary of how the season goes for us. I've started getting the pointer

I was late getting back from work today and by the time I'd grabbed my hawk and gear it was almost 7 pm. With the light starting to fade in an area of heavy cover I wasn't expecting much but she was k

It's been too windy to do anything this week and my season is over. I power washed her aviary out and changed the window bars and AstroTurf. It feels strange putting her away after a seven month seaso

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I love it too, I just wish there were more squirrels living on our permissions. I have enjoyed beating rats out of hedgerows for mine as well. It might not be for everyone but I like ratting in any form so it was natural to me to want to catch some with a hawk.


I'm happy to leave mine to it if she's got the job under control but if I can't see the quarries head I'm in there ASAP and in a second nothing's able to bite her.

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With nothing much to do but wait for her to get back to a flying weight we've been up the dales a couple more times and as always now that the crops have been cut down the dogs get to catch rats in the verges next to the stubble fields. No big numbers just two or three a time but its fun while it lasts.


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The hawk is slowly dropping in weight so it's just a case of waiting until I can get her back out. Until then I've had to fill the time in with a bit of ratting, rabbiting and carp fishing. However all I want to do is go hawking and it's becoming frustrating not being able to.

Anyway I thought I'd spend a few minutes today breaking our lasses terrier pup to ferrets, chickens and the pheasants. At first as expected he wanted to chase them but in time after a few harsh words for me lol he ignored everything to the point of chewing on a stick in the pen whilst the birds gained enough confidence to start eating around him.


Such an easy job but so essential with a future working dog especially one that may go ratting at night where chickens can drop on top of them at any time or be sat under stuff with the rat inches away.






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My hawk is still overweight but we fitted new anklets and telemetry mount and had her out for short sessions. However she isn't responding very well and isn't fully committed to catching what is put up. Still it's good to be out again and we have seen a few nice points by the dog.

We've been shooting canny numbers of rats and the dogs are still picking a few up around the stubbles. Went Lamping last night and got a mates young lurcher its first night time bunny, there's always something to keep you busy lol.

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No mate. Ended up selling him on because he was wanting to kill any Harris he saw. Almost killed a friends young male then after flying in a cast with my mates bird all season he was going for him as well. Tried all sorts but he didn't settle. Found a great home for him and keep in touch with the bloke that's got him now. He was doing really well apparently and racking the kills up towards the very end of the season. What you hunting with this season?

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