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They open their eyes at five weeks. I start handling kits at that age, others handle them from a day or two old, it's down to what works for you and also the temperament of the mother. If it's your first litter it's all to tempting to keep peeping into the nest of kits but try to refrain from doing it to regularly so not to disturb the mother. Have a look at the kits when you feed the mother so she is distracted and rub your hands in the shavings when handling the kits so not to get your scent on them.

I've never had an issue with any of my kits being nasty because they haven't been handled from birth.

All the best with your litter chap. I've got just the one litter this year, looks like eight or nine of them.

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It's up to each Jill when she feels comfortable with you touching her kitts ,but usually by five ,six weeks when there spilling out the nest box and she's getting feed up of dragging them back in she should be comfortable with you touching them mate

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Got to be honest I handle mine,,, from just after a few days,,, old,,, just a min or so inspecting them,,,,then after about a week when they have more size,, you can handle them for easily,,,

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