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1St Build Complete

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aye up


looks great , is that an ej230 camera your using and how many yards can you see out to?


looking to do something on the same lines as that , at the moment iam using a 540tvl sony ccd camera board with the ir block filter removed but looking to upgrade .



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Real nice unit Pete my only concern with it is the camera. With the camera fixed onto the rail that far away from its fixing point that it would be easy to knock out of true. That said it looks good.

I see what your saying but you would be surprised how rigid it is on the rail(no wobble) If you knocked it about you may have issues( as would the scope) but certainly been solid enough to carry about the field.

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i am not hijacking this thread just putting up picks of mine which is the same layout just using a watec instead and to show where i mount the battery






just hope it may help some one out


by the way with IR Torch on full i get 200 yds + but unfortunately much too far, for normal air rifle range it is on very low

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Nice build natron, I'm still enjoying mine. Think I need to upgrade my t-20 it's battery life is very limited.

What battery are you using Pete?.....only if it's a cheapy one you'll probably find the mah rating is no where near what's written on it.

Someone has posted pics on nvfuk forum showing a cheap 18650 battery dismantled only to find one of those small lithium batteries inside (cr 123?) what a con.

It pays to buy decent batteries for an oslon based ir torch to get the best out of it........or go 12v.

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