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Shooting Buddy Wanted Wiltshire

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I'm currently in Wilshire. just got back frim Afghanistan in October. the wife has treated me to a Cz 455 Varmint .22 fitted with Hawke panorama for Xmas. I'm itching to get out and putting the girl through her paces, I have a permission but its an hour away from where I live and there are limitations as to when I can go down. Also have a HW97 .22 fitted with Hawke eclipse 4x16 if the opportunity for a bit of close quarter combat rises with some rats lol


Any one in Wiltshire (not fussed were abouts) looking for a bit of company on a shoot, sit there and listen to my crap war stories lol! like I said just got back from Afghan and was running the bi-monthly range out there for near enough 700 people twice a month for 6 months. fully qualified SAA instructor (Section-Platoon Weapons instructor) so professionalism and saftey is not a question have asked locally but I think squaddies must just have a bad name around here because no one was interested in letting me shoot on there land.


Currently based in Chippenham but not fussed where I have to travel to. im available all the way up to the end of January


Ill even provide a thermos of coffee for the day





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Hello there .


I also live near wiltshire always interested to meet up with people on shoots .


Currently applying for my fire arms cert but do own a new bsa Ultra se multi shot . Which if you fancied a day / night on the rabbits pigeons or rats . give me a holla on fb or something ....




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      Hello all.🙂
      Just an update as it has been a while.I have been looking for a subsonic .22LR hollow point that shoots well from a cold clean bore and have recently started using RWS subs which do well, typically from the first shot..I have used a few different brands of subsonic H.P.s and they all group quite well after 5 or so fouling shots, but RWS like the cold clean bore,needless to say I am a happy and for me, decent shooting.🙂.I have used the RWS before in the old Annie 1416 DG and it was equally consistent in that rifle.
      A couple of typical below all from a cold clean bore..My scope is a Hawke Vantage x2 -x7 32mm A.O. with illuminated reticle which is a great field scope but lacks magnification for target shooting so is sometimes difficult to deduce if a shot has been pulled, but I love the scope.
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      I now have the benefit of hindsight and  purchasing this rifle was a good decision and I would do so again absolutely.
      I use an inexpensive but very good Hawke Vantage x2-x7 32mm A.O. scope with an illuminated reticle. I sometimes use a SAK moderator on the gun, a very good mod.
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