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Pups Out

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there,s a lot lads banter not seeing them never mind getting in on them but iv,e been lucky so far this season long may it continue. :thumbs:

cheeser says yous are neckn neck for the trophy lol


hes on about the 1 for the rabbit,s if it,s hare,s he could hunt the rest year and still not catch me .lol

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I took a spin to some great flat land today if you get a hunt here its only a matter of standing and watching what u keep them for.i was lucky enough to retrieve 2 out 2 walked another couple spots af

f**k sake lol I shouldn't bred them pups for youse boys lol

well done hounddog that not a bad result plenty lads not even getting a run

Good going hounddog them young ones doing very well for ya not to many hares about at the min wee only had 2runs yesterday i had nonet

there like hens teeth at the minute I walked 3 hours last week never seen a tail and I beat the ground well :thumbs::thumbs: :thumbs:

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Looks like ye had a good day hound dog

it wasn't the best of days but they can only do what I put in front of them which is plenty at the minute but there getting harder to find .be out again during the week hopefully eat another couple run,s if you fancy going nancy let me no . :thumbs:

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had a walk out with the dog,s this morning met the farmer thought he was going to fcuk me of the land. I had a chat with him he was mad said there was a van load lads out few mth,s ago on the land with about 12 dog,s .they kilt 6 hares but ran 6 dog.s on each hare said if he had his gun he would have shot all the dog,s this place allways held a couple hare,s for a good chase but walked 3 hour,s not 1 on it .I wouldn't like to be them lads if they turn up there again the farmer knows the game as he keep a lurcher himself but didn't agree with the slaughter what he seen that day.lucky I met him as he might have shot mine by mistake thinking I was with the idiot,s who are fcuking the game up for the decent lad,s who give the hare a fighting chance. :thumbs:

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