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I have heard of a few white moles being caught over the years although I have never caught one myself.


It must be a bit of a shock turning the trap over to see that :blink:



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:clapper:Well done that man... :clapper:


Its strange ,.but although I have trapped thousands of moles in my life,.I have never caught a white one...

Even more curious is that several of my fellow trappers seem to have taken them regularly. :hmm:


Is this a localised phenomenon,.a bit like those colonies of Red or Albino Badgers,...or am I just ,.'unlucky'... :laugh:


All the best and good trapping,...Cheers,.CHALKWARREN... :drink::drink::drink:

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Guest little_lloyd

I think the reason there are Albino moles about is beacuse they spend most of their time underground in their tunnels and less likely to be predated upon.....Unless there on my nans land where the Cat dies a good job.

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I think i'd initially think it would be a white weasel or stoat OTC...wouldn't think of a mole at all.


there is an old wives tale round these parts, the trapper who catches a white mole fortells his own death :icon_eek:


rather you than me mate :haha::thumbs:

Phew...glad i didn't catch it ...and there's no way i'm telling the old fella that :laugh:


I was wondering the same thing CW with the badgers...but then remembered that the ones i'd heard of were selectively culled ie the reds and albinos were released...which i guess would mean that more reds and albinos would be produced.

With the moles i guess its just a genetic blip...and as they are not going to get the same treatment as the badgers will spring up whereever and whenever.


Wish i could of found out about it sooner as it would of been one for the Taxi...it wouldn't be so bad but i was working with the catchers older brother at the time and he forgot to mention it :doh: I've toldem theres a 2lb bag of saspirillas, strawberry sherbets, and rhubarb and custards awaiting the man that catches the next one :laugh:

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Ive caught thousands of moles too but havent caught an albino one either. Apparently there are golden ones too.

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i have had about 6 in the last 20 years, 3 of them were from within a few hundred yards , had a brown one and a couple with white bits on em , got one last year with a white dot on its head and a white patch on its belly, catch a few silvers ?? ( whiteish under fur and dark tips )most years , .......i,m still alive ....and i don,t believe in old wives tales cos i,m not an old wife

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