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Max Yells-James

Usable Shot From The Hw100 Kt

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Hi all, just another question. How many usable shots do you get from the HW100 KT? With and without a AM cylinder? Thanks all, i know i'm asking a lot of questions about the gun but i'm thinking of buying one but want to know all there is to know about them so expect more questions to follow. Thanks again.

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I get 120 from my HW100T - full size rifle, none of this carbine malarky haha

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Mate i got 108 before it started slowly dropping off... all of these were between 12.5 - 12.7 ft lbs.

Obviously i have had it turned down.. now its doing 11.4-11.5 with air arms field diabolo. Over a 14 shot string


Its a .22 karbine aswel with standard weihrauch cylinder.


So now i think i should get more shots.. but i havent done a full chrono string test yet myself since i got it back.

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the process your looking for is a chrono, fill the bottle to to the prsure stated, and shoot all down to empty whilste listing every shot, in feet per sec (and foot pounds if you like).


have a look at the numbers, you'll probably see the power curve, non regged guns start a bit lower and the power rises then slowly decreases to wards empty.


regged guns usualy just have a drop from full to empty.


what your looking for is the varience and thw power,


e.g. 779 789 768 678 778 776 778 775 776 774 774 775 773..etc whats happening here is the original half a dozen shots at the 'from full' varies a load then the string of numbers starts to become consistant and slowly reduce (for a regged gun). if you over fill the gun the thing cant operate propperly and you'll get a very low power untill the presure of air is what it needs to be for the internals to work. too empty it starts to crap out all together to that clunky 'wtf is up with the gun noise.


1-2 feet shot to shot is very good, 5 feet per sec from shot shot is sort of in the 'good enough' league

what it basically means is the more variense shot to shot the lesss distance you'll be shooting at.. i.e 1-2feet per sec varience shot to shot(in the 1500-2000quid stayer legue) you'll be looking at 80 yard plenking with consistancy with the right barrel and pellet, at 10 feet per sec shot to shot..erghhh maybe 40 yards.


summed up.. look at your string of shots for the 'curve' and fill your gun to the presure where the numbers start to be 'consistant', then at the empty end you look where the numbers drop too low or start to stray too much from shot to shot.

the reasoning is simple, your waisting air and lead at the too full end and too empty end... so your 'useable shots' are what you fill to and shoot to.


gauges can vary on the fill kit etc, but, if your using your own gear they should be consistant enough to work it out.


e.g. fill to 200 bar, shoot down till the guns obviously empty at say 35 bar (example figures) you'll see what the presure is for the empty by plugging in the fill gear, the gauge should show.


have a look at your string of numbers, deside where you want to to fill to on the string...and where you'll shoot down to empty.


from 200 bar (full) to 35bar(empty) you've got how ever many shots fired on your list, (this will vary with pellet/barrel combo's)

so say 100 shots fired for ease of the example.

200 bar - 35bar = 165bar.

100 shots for 165 bar of air.

divide that ... 165bar/100shots = 1.6bar per shot.


now back to your list and look where you want to fill to and shoot down to.

779 789 768 678 ///778 776 778 775 776 774 774 775 773..etc down 755 756 756/// 735 728 734 etc

4 number's in '///778' is where they start to consist, '756///' where they start fade away




your original full fill was 200bar, so take away the 6.6bar =197bar is where you fill too.

on your string of numbers you count how many shots to where you deside is empty and hey presto...thats how many usuable shots.(and where you fill to).


gun to gun same brand will vary, so how many shots you get with your gun isnt nessesarily what your mate will be getting.


some shops will do you a print out of a full string...use that list and thats half the job done.

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fps is feet per second.(the velosity of the pellet)


foot pounds is the number you get after doing sums based on the velosity (fps) and pellet weight..ot using an online calculator.


the legal limit is 12foot pounds.(depends on the weight of the pellet to what the velosity is....heavirer pellet goes slower to keep the power to under 12 foot pounds).


you set to about 11.5foot pounds max (11.6 maybe...just to cover yourself with legalities)

anything from 10.5 foot pounds up is usable for hunting, getting the fabled 11.9 foot pounds to get the maximum power is a joke in itself, and offers nothing but legal probloms later.

the extra half a foot pound isnt worth diddly squot in 'kill power' your looking at about 14foot pounds plus before the power is actualy worth any spit.


in sringers the diference in kick (recoil) is noticable (just about but notisable), i.e. 10.5 fp's is nice and smooth, 11.99999999999 fp's theres a notisable increase in that kick. (doesnt matter about recoil too mutch because you personaly adjust to it as your skill, or 'the skill of shooting' kicks in.(10.5 is better for smoothness than 11.5..you'll get used to what ever you use, e.g. a sniper on a belly board hits a target at 3 mile, that belly board is like a big skate board with bungie springs, when the guy fires the kick knocks him two or three feet or more back and the springs help stop his bones from shattering, the point being he still hits the target....)


a silencer is a slight reduction in power and very slight if at all notisable diference in accuracy, in sums of maths theyre a reduction. (a better silencer that works with your particular set up is better than a shit one...lol you need to match the right one to your gun for best results).

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i'm only interested in .22 as that's the caliber i would get. No offence to .177 users but i find the .22 drops rabbits quicker at longer ranges. (Don't start an argument anyone, that's only my opinion)

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Very interesting write up you live and learn everyday (especially me!) :thumbs:


What chronny would you recommend - sorry if slightly off topic




Lucky Luciano

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