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Replace Or Easy Fix ???

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Just bought this eBay for £45 , what I thought was just some mess in the hutch post-89619-0-99657500-1380049957_thumb.jpg


Turned out to be thispost-89619-0-05984400-1380050086_thumb.jpg


Since the person kept hold of it for my while I went on holiday before paying and picking it up I felt like I had to buy it , plus for the size I thought it was a good buy. Am new to ferreting and keeping ferrets and this is my first time. So is this a easy fix or a complete new floor??





Still new to site so hope this comes out properly with the pictures if not don't shoot me

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If its rotten I'd cut it out mate, them hutches seem to be ok with the thicker slats on the side but the roof and floors are shite. If it was me I'd get a sheet of marine ply and refloor and roof the full thing one sheet will do you if you don't want to do that If its half decent I'd get marine ply and put it over the top of the floor that's already there but like I said floors and roof are cheap shite so is just replace them anyway.

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