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  1. After getting my first catapult last year off bpr *rip* I wasn't hitting anything so I gave up and it was just chucked in the man draw . But lately I've been taking it out with me while I walk the dog and I've found myself a little area where I can practice . I've got a old plastic box I found on the floor what I've placed in a tree that I use for a target , it's about the size of a old vhs cassette and even tho am still rubbish and only hit it about 15% of the time am starting to really enjoy it . I only got a catapult because of reading this page and seeing your kill pictures . Be a shame to
  2. It's been over a year since this thread started , any chance the original poster can give us a run down on how that years been for him , the highs and the lows ??
  3. The trappers or presenters which ever you would call them just annoyed me , it was good how they set up the traps thought . It's me i can't watch many fishing videos on YouTube if it's American cos for some reason they just annoy me . Does anyone know of any decent snare/trapping videos on YouTube thats worth a watch ??
  4. Anyone seen trapping tv ? There's a few episodes on YouTube if your interested . All American stuff thought , gonna give the 1st episode ago now
  5. Was talking to a customer who is pest controller while at work and he said business was booming cos of all the wasps , me personally haven't seen many by me
  6. If anyone gets the chance to watch the documentary "Death In Gaza" I highly recommend it . It's about a journalist who was going to do 2 films about the children of Israel and the children of Palestine starting with the children of Palestine . Sadly he was shot by a Israel solider before finishing the first film.
  7. people love to complain , they love to get offended and they love throwing their opinions about........some more than others
  8. Messed that up so I'll just say it now , my Kits was to young for last season so this winter coming will be my first and am just looking to get permission . Haven't really gone out my way to find any just yet in case they want it doing straight away and being as there's still young about spending a day digging for ferrets doesn't seem like much fun . But am going to give it another month then step it up a gear and just go knocking on doors .
  9. I know what you mean ---some threads never really come up with answers others just go round in circles and often theres only going to be one winner ...
  10. Don't know how to delete comment on phone either
  11. I don't really post much but I haven't been on for ages . Am new to keeping ferrets and I've just got a whippet pup so all I ever do is use the search because like all other forums/facebook groups etc etc people get sick of the same old questions so instead of posting a question I just see if anyone has asked it before and 99% of the time someone has. Plus the locked threads are great bits of entertainment when bored
  12. Am so glad someone explained what "sesquipedalian" was , I thought I was going to have to Google it . Even my predicted text gave up trying to spell it
  13. Is it worth subscribing to that YouTube channel or was that a one off ??? Good video by the way
  14. Anyone else remember when players use to wear black boots ??
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