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Picture For Merle

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Hey Merle,


I finally figurd out how to post pictures, so as promised - a picture of Tess.

3/4 greyhound 1/4 border collie.



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Thanks for all the replys. It would be easy for me to over exagurate and try to put her accross as a superb dog, but she's not. She looks good, but she's no wonder dog. To be honest, I haven't worked her as much as I could have. She is 21/2 now and has had 18 rabbits. She is a pet that i work, not an out and out working dog.

I hope to work her alot more this year. I would like to try her on hare but there aren't to many around my area(well I can't find them)

She is fairly well trained and comes back when I call her. (usually) I enjoy mooching around with her and that's all that matters. Hopefully the numbers will come, but I won't worry about it. If she's going to catch them, she will. If not, as long as she gives 100% then I'll be happy with her.




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Honesty isn't that common in this game minion, but it speaks volumes about people, I hope the new year brings a lot more game your way, happy hunting :yes:

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I'm sure I'd get found out if I tried to lie. At the end of the day, people are only liying to themselves. I've nothing to proove to anyone so I might as well be honest.

Tess is now at the age that I am comferatble to work her harder. I was worried about her getting blown or damaged if I worked her to hard to soon.

She is my first lucher and I don't want to ruin her. I am 24 and whilest I've been involved with ferrets and dogs for 12 years, she's the fist lurcher pup I've had.

I had a lurher when I was 17 that was given to me by a freind. She was 4 years old and fairly well trained. He just didn't have time for her. I only had her for 6 weeks when she got hit by a car and broke her sholder. It was going to cost over £1000 for the opperation and at that time I was only earning £60 a week and couldn't afford it. I had to get her PTS. If I had they money I would have paid it and if the same thing ever happened again I am now in a position that if I don't have the money I can borrow it, so I wouldn't think twice about getting it done.

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