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Hi all


I'm looking at a new browning x bolt stainless fluted stalker in 22-2250 for fox and roe and if anyone has one your comments on the gun itself would be great


Any additional info on ammo and distances etc would be great too



Cheers guys

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I've used an X-bolt a number of times in .223 which belongs to a friend. It's a stainless synthetic version which I quite liked with the relative lightweight and durability.

It lived up to Browning's reputation of being well built which is what i'd expect from them really.

As for ammo and distances, that will really be down to the individual rifle. Every rifle is made slightly differently and will like different ammunition combinations better than others. Your best bet really is to buy three or four boxes of different brand rounds and see how you get on.

For foxes in .22-250 then a 50gr ballistic tipped or hollow point round will be just fine out to 400 yards providing you are accurate enough to shoot that far and Roe i'd be looking at something slightly heavier, like a 60gr so long as the rifle will stabilise it and in a soft pointed head to reduce carcass damage. That's just my opinion though, everyone will be slightly different :yes:

Saying that, unless you've already put your application in for a .22-250, if Roe is going to be on the cards fairly often, i'd be looking for a .243 ;)

SS :thumbs:

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      Hello all.🙂
      Just an update as it has been a while.I have been looking for a subsonic .22LR hollow point that shoots well from a cold clean bore and have recently started using RWS subs which do well, typically from the first shot..I have used a few different brands of subsonic H.P.s and they all group quite well after 5 or so fouling shots, but RWS like the cold clean bore,needless to say I am a happy and for me, decent shooting.🙂.I have used the RWS before in the old Annie 1416 DG and it was equally consistent in that rifle.
      A couple of typical below all from a cold clean bore..My scope is a Hawke Vantage x2 -x7 32mm A.O. with illuminated reticle which is a great field scope but lacks magnification for target shooting so is sometimes difficult to deduce if a shot has been pulled, but I love the scope.
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      Hi all, just an update.I have had this rifle for over a year now and still really like it a lot. I have not modified it in any way and it is as out of the box.
      It is an easy rifle to shoot well with a pretty good trigger (pulling at 2.6 lbs out of the box and very smooth), accurate, lightweight and utterly reliable.
      I now have the benefit of hindsight and  purchasing this rifle was a good decision and I would do so again absolutely.
      I use an inexpensive but very good Hawke Vantage x2-x7 32mm A.O. scope with an illuminated reticle. I sometimes use a SAK moderator on the gun, a very good mod.
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