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Small Non-Locking Folding Knife

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The best thing to do is to just be sensible within the law (unless you're out to prove a point!).


If you've got a non-locking knife that's under 3 inches (perfectly legal to carry anywhere bar airports, train stations etc.) for rabbiting/shooting/hunting/ then keep it with your other kit on the way home instead of in your pocket.


From our experience, coppers don't like it when you are stopped (for any reason) and have a knife on your person even if it's perfectly legal to do so. Anything other than a folding, non-locking knife under 3 inches should be carried with the rest of your kit and you're seen in a bad light if you have it on your person when driving to or from your permission (although this is another grey area). If I was stopped on the way home from shooting/lamping/ferreting etc. and had genuinely forgotten that I had a knife on me - fixed blade knife, for arguments sake, on me and they wanted to take it away. I would argue that if I am classed as sane enough to have a shotgun and a tone of cartridges in the boot then surely I can be trusted with a fixed blade knife travelling through rural North Wales. If my route home was through the middle of Manchester it may have a different ending...





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Im after a small, stainless steel, non-locking, folding knife, blade less than 3".   Just for skinning rabbits, something that I can carry anywhere, whatever the circumstance and not be at risk from

If you want it non locking then pop the ring off.

They are a good knife mate. Watch what you get though. A lambsfoot knife is a style of blade so it doesn't mean that just because you've got a lambsfoot blade it's going to be good. It's steel quality

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