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Marine conservation zone petition..

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Link to a petition to ask the Welsh assembly government think again about the proposed marine conservation zones here in my county. Please take the time to sign, as this will effect fishermen, recreational anglers, wildfowlers and even kids searching in rock pools. The proposed areas are not currently over exploited and very little commercial activities actually take place within them. These zones have been proposed by a charity called the Marine Conservation Society and are yet another case of charities trying to impose their political ideals over the rest of us..



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Actually I agree with the concept and they are better in areas where it will affect few people.


the commercial prosecution of the fish stocks is relentless and not just to provide us with food otherwise they wouldn't 'upgrade' their catch, use blinders and all the other shenanigans they get up to. In addition to the MCZs, we need the Golden Mile as soon as possible, together with NTZs.


We also need ONE cohesive fisheries policy across all British Isles, not one rule one side of the Bristol Channel and boats from the other side fishing to a different set of rules on the same grounds. The lunatics are running the asylum and with the Welsh fisheries not working with English fisheries is just ridiculous - so no, I will not sign your petition I'm afraid. The sooner these are brought in the better - and yes, it will affect me from my fishing in Pembrokeshire, but some sacrifices are worth making.

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I can not believe the lack of interest in this subject these zones spill fresh life To are seas regenerating fish ,lobster, crab, stocks we need more the rod and line lads get behind this

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The MCZ's in theory are a good idea, but from what I have heard/seen proposed some are very poorly thought out and researched.


Common fisheries policy needs a proper shake up, and not only that it needs enforcing, so that the Scandinavians, French, and the spaniards start complying with the regulations that the British fishing fleet have screwed down over them.


Take the quotas back from people using them as trading assets. How many people know that premier league football clubs such as Manchester United own a good chunk of this countries quotas and are screwing hard working fishermen and their families out of hard earned money for the right to do the Job thier fathers and grandfathers have done for generations?


Howard people know that the Norwegians are landing bi catch? Or burning sandeels in power stations?


Europe and the common fisheries policy is f***ing sick. If you want to be able to buy British caught fish to feed your family get behind your local fishermen before this government screws this country out of its fishing fleet altogether.

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