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  1. In fact your the dude that writes for a magazine. Ive seen your rifle in one of them... never forget a rapid in that condition, looking that good, with a Nikon like that running along side. Thanks - and yes I do write for many of the shooting and fishing titles.
  2. Any more news on when this is going to court?
  3. Forget BOTH, the Mamba (absolute garbage if you compare it to many others of the same price) The Falcon can be bettered by the Lightstream 4.5-14 x 44. Better optically, nice clean reticle and MUCH better lenses. Front adjustment though. Set at 30 yards and forget it up to 10x mag for general use. Higher mag, you can then use the selective focus.
  4. Any of the Rapid models are superb, provided they haven't been butchered by a Neanderthal. Mine is 1991 and it is still my favourite rifle.
  5. Craig - get a picture of the red berries and post it up. If the leaves are double rows of pointed leaves (like a spear point shape) I would guess they are rowan (Mountain Ash). The birds will eat them, but normally when the weather gets harsher - a fall back larder if you like. Got any elder berries left? In Majorca the other week we saw woodies congregating on a spiky thorn tree covered in small red/black berries - obviously the black ones were ripe. So your red berries could well be a crop they will go for- keep your eyes on them! Your pigeon with an empty crop - what time of day
  6. If it isn't your cup of tea, you don't have to sip from the cup. It has saved me from buying another Swandri - I had no idea they weren't of the same quality as my od one. It has given me mmore information togo shopping with - and hopefully anyone else who has read all the input. Gortworz - WHEN you remember who those two girls are...I am interested!
  7. Aye it was just like a article in the Countrymans weekly
  8. ACORNS - and your beloved pheasants too (unless they are stuffed full of raisins of course ) Beech nuts are another popular feed for pigeons. Beech mast it is called, little triangular (pyramidal) nuts. Watch for flight lines - pigeons flying will often home in on tohers feeding on the ground, so when you see a flying pigeon suddenly change course and drop down, investigate further! A pair of binoculars are worth their weight in gold - but only reasonably good ones. POOR quality (cheap) are WORSE THAN NONE AT ALL, and not worth wasting money on. You can get some FANTASTIC binos of th
  9. Spread that over 20 years? - as with anything, good quality ALWAYS works out better value. Have a look at the Bush Shirt at £245 - I am seriously considering one. It will see me out and be an heirloom!
  10. Good job I still have my original one then! It weighs about 10lbs - just a throw over bush shirt, in blue/black check with grey interior. I wore it almost daily when I was out there and right through the 80s - it has worked hard.
  11. With the clocks going back I took advantage of the early morning to get out and had every intention to be back for breakfast. I loaded the dogs into the car and set off for the woods, only 5 miles away. I got my bits together and then let the dogs out to sort themselves out. I always take them out across the stubble first, it gives them a chance to burn off their frustrations, race about a bit and get into 'mode'. Tigs was ahead and he suddenly turned and started sniffing intently into the thin copse beside the field...I urged him in, hoping for a squirrel out in the early morning light gather
  12. I think the original Swan Dri are the ones to get - mine is 1977 vintage. I bought it for when I was shooting deer in NZ on the eradication scheme. It is still good for another 30 years!
  13. Those strap on TV cameras are not conducive to good shooting technique - just like using a screen on a camera promotes poor camera technique. Holding a camera out at half arms length and wobbling it about.....yes you can get some good pictures but to get REGULAR good pictures you will find people using a proper viewfinder. Shooting is very similar - head off the stock wobbling the cross around, like some Nintendo game control, is not my idea of good shooting technique, regardless of what results you get. You won't get the satisfaction of swinging on to a running rat and nailing it as it ni
  14. FAC - you still don't want to go beyond 975 fps, not in the real world, the noise and air used to go faster becomes exponentially greater. A friend managed to get a Crossman Prem to 1485fps about a month ago - just for fun. It was a case of "how fast can I get one to go?" He likes tinkering in his shed and has one rifle (a Rapid) that he uses purely as an experimental test bed....changes the barrel length, makes new valves and hammers, and plays around with porting and valves and stuf - clever so and so on a lathe etc. But for accuracy and economy of air,and reasonable sound levels, 950 seems
  15. If you get an S200, you can always get a small stock for it. Have a word with Ady or Mandy at A&M Custom Gunsmiths - they do them for club members and have a few that do the rounds, because as one child grows they hand that stock back and get the next size up. Ady modifies the stocks to fit. That way, you don't have to change the rifle as he grows, just the stock to fit. A very economic way of gettiing him going with a very good rifle.
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