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help please guys

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i have 2 jills, both sisters and 3 yrs old, they have always lived together, i have an albino that has always seemed to be the most dominant and a sandy that is quite placid compared to her sister, anyway took them for there jill jabs about a month or so ago, the albinos swelling came down in about 4 days and the sandy was still swollen after about 8 days, so a call to the vets to see if she needed another jab, they said she would be fine just give it time, she seemed to have gone down now, the albino seems fine now, but the sandy seems to look swollen around her belly area, and is now really pulling the albino around, i put it down to just hormones etc, but now a couple of weeks later, every time the albino leaves the bed area, the sandy grabs her anywhere and drags her back in with a lot of squealing, so am i overly worried of can anyone shed some light on this, thanks in advance guys,



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Feel her belly of it is a phantom perg you should be able too feel her tits


Feeling a ferrets tits eh? Sounds kinky ;)


And they're right. My jills mother in the same nest. 2 litters and they treat each other like kits too. One is more motherly than the other, but they still both do it. They even drag my hob back in, and he's HUGE.




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