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Lucky catch (continued)

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Had the dogs out to day were I have taken them for a couple of years and the beddy chased a rabbit out of the hedge the lurcher was off like a shot after it the rabbit turned and headed for a big posh house with he dog on its axxe suddenly a bloke apears out of the garden just as meg picked the rabbit up.

He shouted and I was expecting the usual telling off but he asked about the dog any way we got yapping and he said Well that's one less and asked if the dogs could get rid of any more so a asked were and he said in his garden and would show me so he took me in the garden all he way around the hedge line were small sets so a said I could ferret them and get rid of the rabbits he said that would be great probably only take a couple of hours but right on my door step and surrounded by farm land he says he will have a word with the farmer when he see's him. So am off in the morning to sort it out will let you's no what happens.

Continued from yesterday.

Had a bit of a lie in the smorrning (8.00 clock) scince av been working away all week quick cuppa and hoyed 2 ferrets in box some nets and meg the dog in the 4 x 4 10 mins later arrived at destination to be greeted by the house owner and his wife quick cup of coffee and a said a would get started the guy asked if he could follow me and watch as he had never seen any body ferreting before couldent really say no scince it was his garden now meg still has a lot to learn and I wondered which head she would have on today when a let her off her lead went to end of garden 2 holes netted them ferret in 2 rabbits out continued on around the boundary hedge getting 1 or 2 rabbits out till we reached a corner were there was a. 4 holer netted them and put ferret in 1 rabbit bolted straight away the banging underground was like thunder the guy asked what's that I explained it was the rabbits then 1 bolted out of a missed hole meg was off caught it half way across the lawn another 2 hit the net then another out of the missed hole only to be chased around the garden by meg to the amusement of the owners it went back down a hole we had already done so just left it ,

Then the wife of the house shouts fresh bacon sarnies and a pot of tea even wanted to feed the dog I had to say no she doesn't eat when she's working well fed a set off to do the last few holes netted up ferrets in 2 bolted went back to we're the rabbit had went back in stuck a ferret in no net this one was going to be megs revenge it came out and headed straight across the lawn it didn't ger away this time

So that was that unlucky 13 bunnies in bag and meg had been on her best behaviour owner asked if I could skin a couple for his wife to make rabbit pie . A great couple of hours out and back in the house before 12 for a shower and out for a couple of pints with the lads.

Atb John

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