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Dog cramping

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Had my bitch for a gallop last night. She started to yelp and fell down. She rolled yelping for about 15 seconds. She got up and fell down.again i reached down to her to try and settle her down. She snapped me. Then a few seconds later she was fine. Took her to the vet and he said that she probably cramped. Normally She wouldn't harm a fly. Has anybody had much experience with this problem? Is it rare for the dog to try and snap while cramping?

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If the dogs getting on a bit I would rub down before and after work. Get greyhound rub for just over a tenner and lasts for ages.


Luckily haven't had problems with cramp whilst out with the dogs - They say Tomatoes are good from preventing cramp. I just get 4 tins for about a £1 from local 'farm foods' or use the sardines with Tomato sauce.

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