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  1. Went to watch a dog run to day and it was crap why do dog men tell you how good it is and when you go and see it go and it rubbish..the cost of fuel and time. Lot of dog men would. Tell you. The. Truth. So why lie you. Misfit
  2. yes a good dog will kill any were most of the time ; and l got a good dog do you want a run come winter
  3. speed is [BANNED TEXT] dogs need there are to many slow dogs out there , if there can not get on wots the point atb
  4. the dog wouldnt be good if it couldn't l no some were your dogs or dog would not kill any time of the year and l will put money on it
  5. as long as the dog can do it job l do not give a fxxk
  6. Hi lads what do you think of this new pup
  7. cheers for that paulsmithy83 atb
  8. hi lads a mate of mine got a pup out of a dog call boss from wales . do anyone no of this dog . and is he a good dog atb
  9. think if lads are going all year round; the hares will get thin on the ground
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