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ferret shit + rat infested areas

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I've been out with people who used ferrets to bolt rats from some old slag pits, terriers waiting outside ready for the kill, a couple of times the ferrets killed the rats but don't seem to stop around and just come back out with or without the rat...


Small rats don't stand a chance with a ferret, large bucks and nursing does would even things out a little, but the the scent of the ferrets makes them run like mad and the ferrets go into a frenzy...


I used to get the odd rat near my drains which is about 2 foot from the ferret hutch and would think the ferrets was killing each other trying to get out, shows how brazen rats can be...


I don't think I would use my ferrets for bolting rats incase there was a large buck and hurt one of them.

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Keeping ferrets here made no difference to a mouse problem i had in the shed.. but the old terrier made short work of them

You forgot to add- PRE BAN - Kay :laugh:


And GEM Yes I hunt rats with the ferrets if their small enough and want to do it... had some great success in the past, but none of the ferrets ive got today would be small enough to be any good in most rat holes. :thumbs:

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