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spraying pigeon decoys black

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hi i have had some plastic pigeon decoys for a few years ande there getting tatty so i sprayed 3 full body and 3 shell decoys black with matt paint and then set them up to decoy crows. they worked really well and brought in crows,woodys and ferrels and i had a great day and ended up with 94 birds in total mainly crows and they saved me going and buying crow decoys. i have pics but cant get them up but ill keep trying.


i forgot to mention i only had 140 cartridges and i used them in 3 hours

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Hi there mate, i also have done this myself in the past with good effect, however its nice to see some good feedback of the guys, i know when i done it and posted on a different forum the stick i had over it was beyound a joke, the usuall stuf, like you tight t...t you cheap skate, the usual, so good on you guys and well done that man for such a good idea, cheers all HH

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What sort of shotgun is that mate ???




its a old baikal ij18 e single barrel full choke.. it cost me £30 and i was using eley real trees and hushpower no6 through it and it was getting very hot that day and i was scared i was gona get a cook off.

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