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  1. The Snp is pro EU Fine we know it,but they will force Independance when uk pulls out of EU,then we can vote for who ever we like...method in the madness ...Its all about the end goal..... A truly independant Scotland authors of our own destiny. The SNP would have you in the euro within 5 years, very hard to leave once that happens. There would have to be a vote to re-join as an Independant Scotland. The EU might not let scotland join any how If we were to believe the scaremongering from the Indyref. The SNP are just a catalist to an Independant Scotland and would then have to listen to thier voting public post independance or risk being disregarded.
  2. The Snp is pro EU Fine we know it,but they will force Independance when uk pulls out of EU,then we can vote for who ever we like...method in the madness ...Its all about the end goal..... A truly independant Scotland authors of our own destiny.
  3. Along with other like minded people in scotland all four voters in my house voted for SNP..the reason...To become independant. stage 1.Get an SNP majority . stage 2.Vote to leave the EU. stage 3.Force independence. stage 4.Vote for whatever party is going to help Scotland thrive.
  4. I will definately be voting out now, this is a irrisponsible use of taxpayers money to print propoganda leflets, while disabled people have benefit cuts and others are forced to sleep on the streets ,I will return my leaflet to 10 downing street with a covering letter telling "DODGY DAVE" to stick it where the sun don't shine...
  5. Heres a link to an archived thread that I started some time ago and as you will see I was given some great advice from Dicehorn and he certainly knows his stuff,hope it helps. http://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/topic/135471-reloading-advise-please-22-250rem/
  6. I have a multifuel stove in my livingroom,I mostly rely on wood for fuel, I have laminate flooring a leather three piece suite and a big cream coloured rug which Is on the floor in front of the fire,my house is still standing and there are no burns on my wifes rug......common sense.... small stove fitted in the back corner at the door end and loading bench under any one of the windows,If care is taken I cannot see there being a problem ...as I say common sense... just my opinion.....some have it and some do not common sense that is...
  7. Oh aye. Woodburner. Primers. Gunpowder. Should make a spectacular show when it all goes up! Not everyone is as careless as you make yourself sound mate...I think anyone with half a brain could insall and operate a small stove in that outhouse and carry out thier reloading quite safely.
  8. Looks like Gordon Brown is going too..... after the lies he told during the run up to the referendum he was finnished in scotland anyway........ wonder what skeletons he has in the cupboard ........I'm sure they will all come out in the wash.
  9. If I were you I'd have added a wee wood burning stove to keep it toastie in the winter mate.
  10. I for one will challenge my FAO in court if he insisted after having my certificate for 15 years that I had to now pay a fortune for a piece of paper to jump through hoops to keep the firearm that I have spent a large lump of cash on after being granted permition to hold ,my landowners need not worry as I have insurance to cover me and they have a copy of a permission letter which would imdemnifiy them should a claim arise....keep up the scaremongery there are a few of us that will fight this to the bitter end,it seems that only the few that stand to make money out of this are the driving force behind it .... I started this post in 2009 when I was told that it would be compulsory for sure and it is still not compulsory ......probably wont be in my lifetime because the powers that be would have to fork out a huge amount of cash in compensation when they loose court case upon court case how could they possibly convince a court that after being suitable for 15 years that I am no longer suitable because I don't have a piece of paper.....Remember as stated in previous posts I have cleared up after various so called certificated stalkers who held both DCS1 and DCS2 certificates you simply can not account for experiance and I had a great Mentor when I started out , I do agree that every day is a school day for sure ...... who would you trust someone who had 15 years experiance or someone who has had a piece of paper for a couple of years .... but how many stalkers have fell for the scaremongers tactics.... Lets remember not all landowners are buttoned up the back.
  11. Have a look on ebay mate there are a few there not too expensive either.
  12. I think that after the scottish referendum and the lies that were told by Cammeron, Miliband and Clegg we will see a landslide towards the SNP up here ,Remember the vow in the press....seems like a distant memory, but the people of scotland will never forget, Just look how the support for the SNP has grown and grown and thier membership has soared beyond all expectation.
  13. I think you will find that not to be the case there are others to whom the chief constable is answerable to and they will be more than willing to hear you out...
  14. Well lads I started this post back in 2009 amidst rumours and scaremongery that DCS certs were to become law and that I would not be able to shoot deer if I did not cough up a chunk of my hard earned cash and sit the course. I can only say that to date my shooting remains unaffected and I still have all my hard earned cash securely in my bank I have never been asked wheather or not I have these certs by any landowner or have they been insisted upon by the local constabulary, so unless you are going to be paying for shooting on forrestry commision ground that has been previously shot out by the commision stalkers then to date there has been no change so I am glad I stuck by my guns and refused to follow the trend of scaremongers who were spreading the rumours to extort cash from the stalking community. I would like to add that I have had numerous conversations and correspondance from MPs regarding this matter and not once have I been told that this is to become law and many were in aggreement with myself. So if your FEO is insisting upon these certs before issuing your firearms licence it appears he is stepping over the mark and you should be asking why and under whos authority are these certs required also do not be fobbed off take the matter further. Apparently according to what I am being told ...If you are of sound character and mind and can proove that you have the requirement for legal possesion of a firearm then they can not realy refuse providing your security comes up to the required standard.
  15. I use this as a safegard on a regular basis as a sort of deep clean in my kennels http://www.neogen.com/AnimalSafety/pdf/ProdInfo/Tech_Bulletins/VirkonS.pdf
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