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couple of hours thursday nyt

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went out with smoky last nyt for a couple of hours to test the ultra in the dark


well got there around 11pm


did not see anything in the usual place where we enter the shoot


so a walk along and after about 10 mins we came across the 1st and smoky went for that 1 but missed


a little further and spotted 2 nxt to each other so i was on the left and smoky on the right


smoky got his and mine ran so stalked it again aimed but missed so smoky shot and bagged it


walked round a bit further with not many about but then noticed some at a distance so we stalked up and smoky took the 1st shot and they ran so he stalked right and me left


i spotted 1 under a furr tree aimed THWACK not a twitch


and then another popped from behind him so traced through the scope and another in the bag


so 4 in the bag so far


so made our way towards the warrens but there was none about


and as we was stalking the last stretch smoky noticed an eye took aim and another in the bag cracking shot..


so the nyt ended 5 in the bag 3 for smoky and 2 for me


a very good nyt and liking the ultra


here's the pics




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