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  1. Most .22 model HW30's don't make that, you must have got extremely lucky with that that one. I would be inclined to leave it alone, they were not designed for full power. Better off buying a full power gun. John.
  2. I recently bought a mint boxed Tempest for £100. Hurricane should fetch maybe £130/140 if boxed. John.
  3. I have an HW80k in .22 complete with iron sights & a Leapers 2-7x32 milddot scope for sale. Excellent condition fitted with sling swivels. £275. Located just outside Cardiff. John.
  4. Hello JohnBoth rifles are new, will I be able to tell by the numbers ? If they are new, they will have the delrin rear guide.factory springs are good quality, and all you will need is a top hat & a dab of moly grease to improve the firing cycle. John.
  5. If your guns have the newer delrin rear guides fitted, then I would suggest all you need is a delrin top hat to go with it & a relube. This will remove the twang from the firing cycle. No need for a new spring, the standard one is fine. John.
  6. I zero my .22 12 ft/lb guns at 25 yards. Mid point zero is then around 12 yards give or take a yard or two depending on your scope height. John.
  7. Thats what I do, just use the short side between finger & thumb. Never crimped a tube & never had a scope creep in the rings. John.
  8. One piece mount just has more clamping area. Sportsmatch make mounts for lots of different companies, RWS being one of them. They also made the mounts for THEOBEN. John.
  9. The pictures on the website are generic, not necessarily the one you get. The sportsmatch catalogue I have shows 4 screws for the rail clamp. John.
  10. Chances are the gas ram has lost all it's air. You need to find someone with the appropriate pump & fittings to try & re-gas it. It may also need the gas ram re-sealing if it won't hold it's air. Given that your not confident in doing it yourself, I would consider taking it to a gunshop who will be able to do it for you. Or as you are not an airgunner, consider selling it on as a faulty rifle, lots of tinkerer's out there who would probably buy it as is. John.
  11. 1'' one piece high mounts single screw HOP16C double screw HOP26C. 30mm one piece high mounts only available in double screw HOP40C. 30mm dampa mount only available in high DM70. All fit up to 56mm objectives, without Adjustable objective. John.
  12. Sportsmatch, never let me down in over 30 years. J.S Ramsbottom is the cheapest I have found, superb service as well. John.
  13. Thanks for the reply When you say how much do you want to spend it's more a question of how much will I have to spend to get the job done ? How much should will I need to pay. Vortex & Nikon have much better glass than Hawke in my opinion, I would think £150-£200 will get you a 'Diamondback' or 'Prostaff' new. Riflecraft stock the Vortex scopes, Optics warehouse sometimes have good deals on the Nikon range along with Uttings. Hawke are ok for the money, but in my experience, they lack the light gathering abilities of the others at dawn & dusk. I can let you know from experience
  14. Low light shooting you need glass quality, no amount of bells & whistles will improve this. I would look at the 'Vortex' or 'Nikon' range of scopes for not a lot more money than a 'Hawke'. You will need an adjustable parallax of some sort to cover all your scenario's. Ideally you need to give us an idea of budget, but personally I would go for quality second hand, rather than poor new. John.
  15. I have an old school Bushnell Trophy 3x9x40 mildot on my CZ, zeroed at 56 yards with SK magazine it is exactly 2 mildots for 100 yards. Much better optically than most Hawke offerings, and can be picked up quite cheaply if you keep your eye out on the forums. John.
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