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  1. Oh and the 3.1 swb are awesome off road
  2. Hey I would avoid the 3.0. The 3.1 are ok but they are old now check for rot in various places chassis and body fuel tanks on both are prone too rot hope this helps
  3. I've got the tikka t3 lite think it's great! Putting 53grain hornady vmax through it
  4. I've got the tikka t3 lite think it's great! Put 53grain
  5. Hello I no the reason for this was my error due leaving it slack after I cleaned it and going back out memory like siv thanks for in put
  6. Thanks was told to do this when I bought the rifle was after cleaning an ended up going back out just wished I'd checked it but you learn from mistakes you make happy hunting
  7. Cheers tested it appears to be around the same as when I set up earlier so hope that is ok think I've been very lucky thanks for the quick response
  8. How do was our last foxing an had nice shot an missed was defo on it then realised later ma mod was slack and the bullet has mark the baffles a little does any one think this will effect future shots
  9. Try looking at troopers I've got the swb bullet proof engine the 3.1 that is just be careful on chassis condition
  10. I have red collie bitch just gone 8 week old poss not what you are looking for tho
  11. Yeah really like mine ammo better price than the 22-250 the 22-250 packs a fair punch though
  12. The field this was in was open so not sheltered which I thought strange and me driving into the field didn't disturb him just made him curl up an close his eyes poor fella didn't get another chance to open them!
  13. It'll just have to bug me for the rest of my days! What's your choice of foxing gun?
  14. Oh that's gud wasn't a wasted question I no now not to ask silly questions an we had a laugh!
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