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  1. That's back in NZ, not a bad spot to park a layout blind
  2. Thanks mate, a lot of hard work scouting etc, but you get out what you put in. Took a lot of hard years before I learned enough to get that kind of bag. Back in NZ canada geese have lost their game bird status because hunters weren't harvesting enough, so we are trying to help out and show we can get the numbers down to get them back on the game licence - where they belong. Its either shoot them over decoys where the majority of bids get used and eaten, or let them be culled by the tens of thousands out of helicopters and bull dozed into a pit. lesser of two evils. I know things are different here but I hope people arn't to quick to judge us on the size of our bags, without first hearing why.
  3. Greetings hunters. I've done a lot of hunting back home in NZ, and I have now moved here for the foreseeable future. Ideally id love to find some like minded people to get to know, learning how, where etc to hunt here. I know its very different to back home, but that's part of the draw card. If anyone would like another gun, or camera man to join them, or just lend me your time so I can pick your brain, id be very grateful, and naturally id repay the favour back in NZ! Thanks, and good luck for the season. Tom
  4. Great effort lads, Ive just arrived here from New Zealand and I have missed chasing those around!
  5. Hi guys I reside in New Zealand and have access to some of the best goose and duck shooting in the world. I will be travelling around the world next year and hope to meet some like minded hunters. I am more than willing to do some swap hunts, or just look to learn from the locals Here is a link to my 2014 Season https://m.(!64.56:886/home.php?refsrc=http%3A%2F%2Fh.(!64.56:886%2Fhr%2Fr&refid=8&hrc=1&_rdr Thanks Tom
  6. Hammond calls from NZ are fantastic mate. Also duck commander tripple threat. Ive got a zink mallard call. NBG i think its called. works a treat, uses very little air
  7. NZ_Honker

    Canada Geese

    Cook it like venison. Slow, red wine, mushrooms, garlic, carrots..its magic
  8. NZ_Honker

    What Cartridges

    I use a lot of kent and game bore. 3 inch 1 1/8 on ducks 1 1/4 on canadas. #2s is a good solid size (steel). Ive used heavy shot, hyper steel, black cloud etc...all good stuff as well.
  9. NZ_Honker

    Goose Decoys

    Use marine grade ply wood. It wont crack, or absorb water. Also make even amounts of feeders, resters and sentrys. for added realism, buy a avery flocking kit and flock the necks, heads and rears. good luck
  10. Hello Hunters Im Tom from New Zealand. I will be hunting and living in the UK and North America for through 2015-16 so thought id come on some forums and meet some like minded people. Ideally just looking for the lay of the land, and to find some hunting buddies. If anyone wants to know anything about NZ hunting, ask away Heres my 2014 season so far... Hot barrels!
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