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  1. Alphachloralose is available in this country, just not for use on moles. And seeing as there are no moles in Ireland that is the stupidest comment yet.
  2. I sent this personal message to a certain member of this form some time ago: "Fella, you are asking a lot of questions that make you look like you are very new to this and don't really know what you are doing. I suggest that you invest in a couple of training courses rather than post like that on an open forum. If you are having specific problems feel free to message me privately and I will offer what limited wisdom I have." I didn't get a response.
  3. There is no import tax within EU and I have imported Fly screens from Italy and no VAT on them either...
  4. There's lots of info on the NPTA website about the new stewardship scheme. It mentions the RSPH Level 2 as the standard for professional pest controllers and other schemes for those who use SGAR's as part of wider work in agriculture or farming etc. Lots and lots of pages...
  5. Matt, you forgot another vital ingredient in your recipe to be a self employed pestie. Lady luck.
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